Dear Readers & Friends;

Richard's early departure from this earth has been both shocking and unimaginable to me, his wife and life partner of twenty-five years, and our lovely daughters Jasmine and Kenna as well as his adoring parents Barbara and Don and sisters Kathy and Anna. For all that Richard Carlson became to the world as a leader in happiness, he was always the most loving and attentive husband, father, son, brother and friend. Our home life together steadfastly remained his top priority, and he was never too tired to serve his family with a pure unadulterated joy in all caretaking responsibilities. Whether it meant driving the kids to school in the morning, helping with homework, cooking dinner and doing dishes, or attending sporting events, he rarely missed any event in out girls' lives. He was always a little boy in a man's body the way he loved to play and joke around, and he was the best snuggler.

Deep down, I always felt that a lifetime loving Richard would never be long enough. He was so easy to love. Compatible only begins to describe our relationship. It felt like we had come home to each other from the first time we met. Our love was everything; it was gentle, communicative, passionate, kind, caring, attentive, faithful, inventive, creative and compassionate. We always found peace in each other's arms and our souls connected at every glance and brush of our hands. The day before Richard left for his last plane ride, he left me a note in my car that reads:

I love you sooooooo much! 
You’re everything to me! 
Thank you for being my life partner. 

Richard always said, "It is not what we do in the end which is the measure of our success, it is how much love we carry in our hearts." Anyone who knows him will say Richard loved really big and knew that there was no shortage of inventory when sharing from the heart. You may not know this but World Peace has always been his passion and goal. He believed that you create world peace the old fashioned way, one person at a time beginning with himself. Whether he was speaking with the grocery clerk at his local store or the Dali Lama, Richard treated everyone the same; always listening, connecting and offering a pure presence of Love, humility, and grace.

Where do we go from here? Surely the physical separation that we endure is painful at best, but I find great comfort in continuing to feel Richard's love, as love is truly eternal. I know with all my heart that there must be some great work that Richard has been chosen to do which will serve mankind fully, and while it is a sacrifice that his family and those who love him could never have made by choice, I can't think of anyone more pure at heart with such a true love of humanity that could be trusted more with whatever is in store.

I want you to know that I plan to carry on Richard's legacy as he has prepared me our entire lives together as partners. While I have always been Richard Carlson's safe place to land, I know that I must see some of his unpublished works to fruition. Prolific only begins to describe Richard Carlson, the Author. Please look forward to some of his most lovely and meaningful writings as he had many that were finished edits and in the works.

In Richard's honor, I ask everyone who loved him for whatever role he has played in your life, to "pay it forward" and open your hearts to share your love in small ways every day with all people. It is as Mother Teresa said: "We may not all do great things while on this earth but we can all do small things with great love." Richard Carlson accomplished both.

"Don't Sweat the Small Stuff!" This is how Richard Carlson Loved and Lived. His life was a message of Love and Light, and his love will live on through his words forever.

Treasure the gift of life,
In loving gratitude,
Kris Carlson